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Summer Classics is a Private Company founded in Athens in 2019, mainly focusing on film distribution.

Its primary objective is the distribution of theatrical content, mainly at open-air cinemas in Greece, as well as content distribution for television and digital media.

Summer Classics aims to relaunch every summer to the Greek market, flagship releases of classic films - independent or studio productions - with commercial, entertainment and educational interest.

Its special advisor on programming and distribution is Kostas Gounaris, a well-known expert in the Greek film market for over five decades. Mr. Gounaris has worked at top management positions of leading Greek distribution companies and was a key shareholder of the independent distribution company “Nea Kinisi” (New Motion) in the 1980s and 1990s.

He has served as a special consultant to the Greek Film Center (2000-2002), responsible for the creation of a cinema network in Greece, with the aim of promoting the European Film Industry (Filmcenter programme).

At the same time, he is still active in the operation of theatres and open-air cinemas through his family's business entity.

Managing Director and Head of International Affairs is Pepi Vavassis, Chemical Engineer, with experience in public relations and many years of international business activity.

The vision of Summer Classics is to become the "Specialist" of relaunching classic and back catalogue / repertory films at Greek Summer Cinemas and to offer to the younger audience the opportunity to experience these classical masterpieces in open air movie screens.

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